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We believe ...

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bulletthat mankind has a purpose.
bulletthat mankind is much more than one of the results of a series of dependant, improbable accidents.

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Our Mission

To help people know what life's purpose is and how to accomplish it.

Our Profile

We are an organization concerned the people being mislead as to the real purpose of our existence, and so missing out on what really matters.


The information on this site comes from a number of sources and as such may contain aspects that we do not necessarily fully agree with.

Also having been in contact with many of our sources we can state that if an article appears to convey hate for a person involved in sin this not likely to be the case as the sin is the aspect to detest, not the sinner. Jesus loved us so much that while we were still sinners He died to pay the penalty for our sin. And this was no minor sacrifice - Jesus, being in His very nature God and therefore sinless, had to bear our sin on the cross, and yet He did this for me, and for the team at AsDesigned.org ... and for you, and He did this willingly.
By the way Jesus said that if anyone hates someone then he is guilty of murder - and who hasn't ever hated someone one during their life - further proof that we are all sinners and need the penalty for our sin paid for.

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