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Parables of a mustard seed, leaven and treasure
Matthew 13:31-44
P Sun 3.3M Play
Parable of the Weeds
Matthew 13:24-23, 34-43
J Marsh 3.5M Play
Parable of the Sower
Matthew 13:1-23
J Marsh 3.6M Play
Judgment on those who reject Christ
Matthew 12:38-50
K Sami 3.4M Play
Blaspheming the Holy Spirit
Matthew 12:22-37
R Fleming 4.4M Play
Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath
Matthew 12:1-21
A Harris 3.1M Play
Jesus response to criticism and invitation
Matthew 11:16-30
P Sun 3.8M Play
Crucifixion and Resurrection A Harris 3.2M Play
Overcoming Doubt. What is true greatness?
Matthew 11:1-15
R Williamson 3.3M Play
Call to Discipleship
Matthew 10:24-42
A Marsh 3.5M Play
Witnessing for Jesus in a hostile world
Matthew 10:16-23
R Diprose 3.9M Play
The Masters Effective Ministry
Matthew 10:5-15
R Fleming 2.1M Play
The Masters Betrayer
Matthew 10:4b
S Emmett 4.0M Play
My Spiritual Journey through Adversity
Testimony from a young lady about her battle with cancer (ovarian cyst)
L Walsh 5.8M Play
The Masters Messengers
Matt 10:3-4
P Sun 2.5M Play
The Masters Messengers
Matt 10:1-2b
R Fleming 3.2M Play
The Harvest, where are the labourers?
Matt 9:36-38
G Fleming 1.5M Play
Receiving Sinners/Refusing the Righteous
Matt 9:9-17
A Hastie 4.2M Play
Jesus Power over Sin
Matt 9:1-8
P Williamson 2.4M Play
Jesus Power over Natural and Supernatural
Matt 8:23-34
S Abraham 3.6M Play
Jesusí Power Over Disease
Matt 8: 1-17
A Harris 4.2M Play
Christmas '06 K Sami 2.1M Play
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Empty Words and Empty Hearts
Matt 7:21-29
S Emmett 3.7M Play
Which Way to Heaven, Many False Prophets
Matt 7:13-20
A Linton 3.8M Play
Be happy, why worry?
Matthew 6:25-34
R Fleming 4.3M Play
Stop Criticizing & Start Loving
Matthew 7:1-12
P Sun 3.7M Play
Laying Up Treasure in Heaven
Matt 6:16-24
R Williamson 1.5M Play
Adultery, Divorce and Remarriage
Matt 5:27-32
J Boyens 4.5M Play
Whatís an eye for an eye and loving enemies?
Matt 5:38-48
A Harris 3.4M Play
Pre-eminence, Permanence, Purpose of Scripture
Matt 5:17-20
A Harris 3.4M Play
Attitudes of the Heart: Who is a murderer?
Matt 5: 21-26
P Sun 3.2M Play
Salt and Light of the World
Matt 5:13-16
E Pene 2.5M Play
Happy are the Peacemakers and Harassed
Matthew 5:9-12
R Fleming 3.4M Play
Happy are the Merciful and Holy
Matthew 5:7-8
R Fleming 4.6M Play
Happy are the meek and Hungry
Matthew 5:5-6
R Williamson 3.4M Play
Happy are the Sad and Humble
Matthew 5:1-4
R Williamson 3.3M Play
Followers and Fishers of Men
Matthew 4:18-23
K Sami 3.3M Play
Preaching repentance
Matthew 4:12-17
J Marsh 4.7M Play
How to resist temptation
Matthew 4:1-11
R Fleming 4.6M Play
The King's Coronation
Matthew 3:13-17
A Harris 3.9M Play
What makes a man great
Matthew 3:1-12
P Basel 3.1M Play
King Fulfils Prophecy
Matthew 2:13-23
S Emmett 4.8M Play
Fools and Wise Men
Matthew 2:1-12
L Vivian 4.5M Play
The King's Arrival
Matthew 1:18-25
W Salisbury 2.9M Play
The King's Genealogy
Matthew 1:1-17
Dr J Woodfield 2.7M Play
God's Word: Can it be trusted (Part2) R Williamson 2.9M Play
God's Word: Can it be trusted (Part1) R Williamson 3.3M Play
The Glory of God B Randles 3.7M Play
Spiritual Hypocrisy: What is it? R Jamieson 4.5M Play
The Lord's Supper: Is it necessary? R Jamieson 3.9M Play
Saved, but can I lose my salvation? R Fleming 4.8M Play
Saved, but am I secure?
John 10:11-30
R Fleming 4.6M Play
The baby Moses and his mother L Badger 3.9M Play
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How to be God pleasers
2 Corinthians 13:7-14
A Hastie 5.3M Play
The pattern of Sanctification
2 Corinthians 13:1-6
K Sami 4.3M Play
Concerns of a pastor/teacher
2 Corinthians 12:14-21
R Jamieson 3.5M Play
Why does God allow suffering
2 Corinthians 12:5-10
A Harris 4.1M Play
Apostolic Credentials - What are they?
2 Corinthians 11:22-12:4
R Fleming 4.3M Play
Humble Boasting - is it necessary?
2 Corinthians 11:7-21
R Williamson 3.5M Play
How to recognise a servant of God
2 Cor 10:7-13
P Sun 4.0M Play
Winning the spiritual war
2 Cor 10:1-6
R Fleming 4.5M Play
The road to True Riches
2 Cor 9:6-15
J Boyens 4.2M Play
Stewardship with Integrity
2 Cor 8:10-9:5
J Boyens 4.2M Play
Biblical model for Giving
2 Cor 8:1-9
J Boyens 5.5M Play
Encouraging the Lord's Workers
2 Cor 7:2-16
A Harris 4.3M Play
Separation from the world - What does it mean?
2 Cor 6:14-7:1
P Sun 5.1M Play
The brightness of God's glory
Hebrews 1:1-4
S Emmett 3.8M Play
What can we know about the future
1 January 2006
A Harris 4.0M Play
The joy of working together
2 Corinthians 6:1-13
R Fleming 3.1M Play
Facing death with confidence
2 Cor 5:1-11
K Sami 4.9M Play
The Man of God
Psalm 1
M Grinlay 2.7M Play
Priceless treasure in clay pots
2 Cor 4:7-18
G Pallesen 3.5M Play
Beholding the Glory of Jesus
2 Cor 4:1-6
E Pene 3.6M Play
The Glory of the new Covenant
2 Cor 3:1-17
P Sun 4.7M Play
A Conquering Faith: Thanks be to God.
2 Cor 2:12-17
J Marsh 3.7M Play
Being big enough to forgive
2 Cor 2:1-11
R Fleming 4.6M Play
Paul's confidence in God
2 Cor 1:12-24
R Williamson 3.2M Play
The comfort of God
2 Cor 1:1-11
R Fleming 2.2M Play
The Gifts of the Spirit
Rom 12:6-8, Eph 4:7-13, 1 Cor 12:4-11
R Williamson 4.2M Play
The person of the Holy Spirit P Sun 4.4M Play
The effect of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer
Acts 2:5-47
R Fleming 5.0M Play
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
 - What is is?
Acts 2:1-15
R Fleming 4.2M Play
Repentance - Is it necessary? R Fleming 4.7M Play
Jesus' Deity P Sun 4.4M Play
God our Saviour - Old Testament and Birth 4.0M Play
More Attributes of God 4.2M Play
Are Angels for Real? 4.3M Play
Who is God? 3.9M Play
What is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb 4.1M Play
Millennium Kingdom P Sun 4.9M Play
The Second Coming R Williamson 3.9M Play
The Rapture of the Church P Sun 4.6M Play
What is the Local Church for? 4.0M Play
What kind of place is Hell? 2.8M Play
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International Night message
Youth Challenge
L Badger 3.5M Play
The Church at Thyatira 4.7M Play
The Church at Smyma 4.4M Play
The Church at Ephesus 5.3M Play
The Church at Pergamum 3.5M Play
Dave Hunt interview Part 2 D Hunt -
Good News Baptist
2.9M Play
Dave Hunt interview Part 1 D Hunt -
Good News Baptist
3.1M Play
Report from Paraguay R Fleming 6.0M Play
Answers in Genesis - First session 6.0M Play
The church of Sardis P Sun
Rev 3:1-6
5.2M Play
Church Growth from Acts Part 2 G Pallesen 3.5M Play
Church Growth from Acts Part 1 G Pallesen 3.8M Play
The Lord's Prayer Part 2 R Jamieson 4.9M Play
The Lord's Prayer Part 1 R Jamieson 3.7M Play
John Ch10 starting at verse 19 A Harris
John 10:19...
4.3M Play
Wisdom under the sun P Sun 4.6M Play
Trials P Sun 4.8M Play
Philippians Chapter 1 A Harris
Phil 1
5.1M Play
Character - Nehemiah 4.1M Play
Character - Peter 3.3M Play
Character - Lot 4.7M Play
Character - Judas 5.2M Play
Character - John 4.7M Play
Character - James 3.3M Play
Character - Barnabas 3.9M Play
Character - Andrew J Boyens 4.3M Play
Character - Elijah G Moore 3.5M Play
Character - Thomas J Boyens 5.9M Play
Character - Shemgar A Hastie 4.3M Play
Family Service July 2004 1.6M Play
Gideon's 3.8M Play
Jesus uses the Old Testament R Williamson 3.2M Play
A testimony 2.1M Play
Character - Hannah P Sun 4.5M Play
Phillip - The first man who followed Jesus J Boyens 4.6M Play
Mothers Day message 2004 R Williamson 2.0M Play
Dorcas G Pallesen 4.6M Play
Habakkuk P Sun 3.8M Play
The gospel in a nutshell A Harris 4.2M Play
The Character of Jesus
"I am thirsty"
R Fleming 3.8M Play
My favorite - Dr Luke R Williamson 3.7M Play
Joseph resisted temptation R Fleming 4.4M Play
Dangers of Favoritism - from the life of Joseph R Fleming 3.7M Play
A man who God could use A Harris 6.0M Play
Old Testament women who influenced history G Pallesen 3.6M Play

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